বাজারে নতুন আসা USB রিচার্জএবেল Toothbrush

Powerful Ultrasonic Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Rechargeable

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Product Features:

– IPX7 waterproof whole body washable, prevents water droplets from immersing inside the fuselage.

– Five modes ( Clean/Polish/White/Gumcare/Sensive ), one Button Control

– Charging 1 time, brushing teeth for 15 day

– 2 min smart timing, divide the mouth into 4 areas, each area for 30 seconds

– Adopt american DuPont bristles, moderate hardness, and the top of the bristles is rounded and smooth to prevent abrasion of the gums.

– 32,000 vibrations per minute, plaque and calculus have nowhere to hide

– Intelligent Gear Memory,Start the last used mode each time by default


Package Include:

Toothbrush handle

Toothbrush heads

USB Charger


(Without gift box)


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